Four Things You Should Know Before Starting a Software Project

Creating custom software can add incredible value to your business by automating processes or easing pain points that keep your team from working at full capacity. Taking on a project like building a piece of software can be a daunting task, however, without doing a few things prior to starting.

Obvious things like finding a software engineer, picking a platform, picking a technology, and even more technical details will need to be decided. You will also need to put a good amount of thought into everything you want the software to do. Before all of that though, you need to think about these four things so your project can be successful. These four things are so important, you should stop now, and write them down before you put any more effort into planning your project.

Centrolutions Becomes a BizSpark Startup

I am excited to announce that Centrolutions has become a BizSpark startup! About two months ago, I made the decision to strike out on my own and turn Centrolutions into more than just a hobby. For a developer, this can be a daunting proposition since the tools and systems used to write software can be very expensive. Not to mention, finding funding for projects, connecting with other startups for advice, and marketing a startup can be more than overwhelming. That’s where the Microsoft BizSpark program comes in.

Through BizSpark, Microsoft provides tools and connections for the startup community. The resources they provide will prove to be invaluable as I get on my feet. If you have a startup or are thinking of getting into one, I highly recommend Microsoft’s program. I am grateful for their help and I’m excited for the future.