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Centrolutions [sĕn-trō-loo-shuhns]
Noun: A software developer dedicated to and centered on solutions to a client's problems.

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When computer systems work like they should, people can be more creative and productive. My greatest passion is engineering software solutions to problems that hold people back from operating, enjoying, and growing their businesses. I help my clients capture more and better data, link multiple systems together, and eliminate inefficiencies so they can concentrate on what is important.

Because technology changes so fast, I make it a point to stay in tune with current technology trends and, when required, incorporate them into the solutions I provide. I have successfully worked with a wide variety of systems including accounting, EMR, eCommerce, inventory management, payment transaction systems, shipping, computer vision, and CRM solutions along with custom databases and custom front-end systems. I enjoy working with the full software stack and desire to create systems that people like to use.

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Software is only useful if it solves a problem for your business. One of the most common uses for custom software is to automate a manual process or a repetitive task so you and your team can move your business forward.

My development process is designed to keep you in control of your project so you get everything you need and nothing you don't want. The first step is to go through this checklist.

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What I Do


Web Development

Create your web app and services utilizing the latest web technologies.


Bridge data or processes between two or more systems to reduce redundant work and to keep them in sync.


Construct your desktop or kiosk app to run locally or connect to other data sources.


Make your web app mobile friendly or publish an app targeting phones and tablets.


Build databases to collect, query, analyze, and report on your business-critical data.

Developer Support

Help prototyping, learning a technology, or implementing new processes into an existing code base.

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