Outstanding Tools

The tools I use to work and play on the computer and off are very important to me. Here is a list of the tools I find exceptional.


  • Visual Studio
    • The best Microsoft Development tool out there. Period.
  • ClipX
    • A great clipboard recorder that has a nice plug-in system built into it
  • Paint .NET
    • Even though the name contains "Paint" this is far beyond a paint program. It has evolved into a full fledged photo editor.
  • Mesh
    • Microsoft's latest stab at file synchronization in "the cloud" is certainly a step in the right direction
  • UltraMon
    • A great tool that adds much-needed functionality to windows; especially when using more than one monitor
  • IcoFX
    • Whenever I need to do anything with .ico files (create, edit, update, view, etc), I use this tool
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • I know, I know, IE 8 is going to change my world, but I really like my Add-ons:
    • FireFTP
      • A really, really useful in-browser FTP client
    • Greasemonkey
      • Add your own content to your favorite sites. Better yet, modify your favorite sites.
    • All-in-One Gestures
      • Right-click drag left = back, right-click drag right = forward -- totally awesome
    • ChatZilla!
      • In-browser IRC client -- 'nuf said
    • Google Bookmarks Button
      • View, use, and add Google bookmarks right from a browser button
  • Reflector
    • When you just need to see the code behind an assembly, this tool is priceless
  • Windows Live Writer
    • If you're not using a blog engine that supports offline authoring, you should find one just so you can use this tool
  • FreeFTPd
    • If you do a lot of work with FTP, FTPS, or SFTP file transfers, this free and small server is going to come in handy for you
  • Virtual Clone Drive
    • Use an ISO file as if it were in a physical drive on your computer


  • PlayStation 3
    • Not only is it a great gaming platform, it's also a great UPnP media player / renderer
  • Windows Home Server
    • The operating system used to store all that digital media floating around the house
  • PS3 Media Server
    • Transcoding on the fly while streaming to the PlayStation 3 is just too easy


Jason Williams is a .NET developer in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The name "Centrolutions" came out of a long search for a domain name. The goal was to create a name that conveyed an ideology of writing software centered (Centr--) on a solution (--olutions) for a particular problem. In other words, it was the only name in a long list that wasn't already registered on the internet.

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