.NET Script to Find Work Week Start and End

by jason13. July 2006 00:50

If you need to find the Monday of a given week or a Friday of a given week, this is the solution for you:

private DateTime WorkWeekStart(DateTime date)
DateTime result = date.AddDays(-((int)date.DayOfWeek)).AddDays(1); //Sunday + 1 = Monday
return result;
private DateTime WorkWeekStop(DateTime date)
DateTime result = date.AddDays(6 - ((int)date.DayOfWeek)).AddDays(-1); //Saturday - 1 = Friday
return result;

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SQL Script to Find Work Week Start and End

by jason13. July 2006 00:23

If you are looking for the Monday that starts a work week and/or the Friday that ends the work week, this is how you do it in SQL:

SET @Today = GETDATE()
SELECT DATEADD(wk, DATEDIFF(wk, 0, @Today), 0) AS Monday, DATEADD(wk, DATEDIFF(wk, 4, @Today), 4) AS Friday

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SQL Script to Find Last Day of the Month

by jason10. July 2006 23:42

This Microsoft SQL script figures out what the last day of the month is (28, 30, or 31) so that you don't have to recite the "30 days has September, April, May, and November..." poem or do the "knuckle trick."

SET @Date = '1/1/2006'
SELECT DAY(DATEADD(d, -DAY(DATEADD(m,1,@Date)),DATEADD(m,1,@Date))) AS LastDayOfMonth

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