Major Bug in Stripes 2.0 for Those Upgrading From Previous Versions

by jason26. April 2011 17:08

Update 5/3/2011: The fix (version 2.1) has been published to the market place. You should be able to start downloading it whenever your country's marketplace refreshes.

Well, it had to happen, eventually. There is a major bug in Version 2.0 of Stripes that is affecting users that upgrade from a previous version. Because some internal data structures have changed, when the old application state is pulled into the new application, items are missing and the application can crash when searching for a barcode.

A fix for this problem has been submitted to the Marketplace, but it may take a few days to actually hit the device in your hand.

A short-term fix for this issue can be performed by uninstalling Stripes and re-installing it from the Marketplace. You will not be charged for the re-installation and it should fix the internal data structure. However, this will result in complete data loss of your scanning history.

I apologize for this error and please look for the fix on your device, soon.

Thank you!

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Stripes 2.0 for Windows Phone

by jason25. April 2011 16:35

The latest version of Stripes (2.0) brings the following changes:

  • Fixed crash bug with certain ISBN numbers and QR codes
  • Added option to use GPS and search for local stores carrying the product scanned
  • Added option to use regional search services for better, localized results
  • Added ability to rename history items and delete individual items from history (touch and hold on an item for a context menu)
  • Added support for two new languages (German and Spanish)
  • Added error reporting to aid in diagnosing support issues
  • Enhanced detection of barcodes in photos where the barcode is rotated by 90 degrees

The good news is that the next version of Windows Phone (“Mango” is the code name) will allow developers to embed the camera in their application. That means, Stripes will have “live scanning” capabilities! Microsoft says we can expect this update in the fall of 2011.

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What Order Do Navigation Methods Get Called in Windows Phone?

by jason11. April 2011 07:34

Recently, I was asked which gets called first: the Application_Launching, Application_Activated, Application_Deactivated, and Application_Closing events or the page-specific OnNavigatedTo and OnNavigatedFrom overrides. It turns out, the answer is – both.

When the application first runs from the start screen, Application_Launching gets called first. Then, the page-specific OnNavigatedTo gets called.

When navigating back to the start screen (by pressing the start button), the page-specific OnNavigatedFrom override gets called and then the Application_Deactivated event gets fired.

When navigating back to the app (using the back button), the Application_Activated fires first, and then the page’s OnNavigatedTo override gets hit.

So, the rule of thumb seems to be, if you are on a page, that page’s overrides will be called first. If you are entering the app from elsewhere, the Application events will fire first. Now you (and I) know!

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Slides and Demos from Nebraska Code Camp 2011

by jason10. April 2011 05:28

Thanks to everyone who came to my session Building a Real App for Windows Phone 7 at the Nebraska Code Camp 2011 event. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re looking for the slides and demos, you can download them here.

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Quick Tip: Find your Windows Phone Wifi MAC

by jason8. April 2011 12:50

I recently had to find the mac address of the Windows Phone I was using for a demo. I needed to connect to Wifi and the venue filtered connections by MAC.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

  1. Open the Phone app and dial ##634#
  2. Hit the "Call" button and a "Diagnosis" app will open
  3. In the "Diagnosis" app, dial *#1234# and a "Version" screen will be shown.
  4. There's your Wi-Fi MAC address at the bottom of the screen. Cool, eh?

By the way, I should mention, this is a "Works on my phone" type of thing. I have tested it on a Samsung Focus.

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Windows Phone

Slides and Demos from Lincoln .NET User Group

by jason27. January 2011 06:20

If you came to the Lincoln .NET User Group last night, thanks! Unfortunately, I ran out of time and didn't get to show all of the demos I had prepared, but I hope it was informative, nonetheless. I've attached the final demo project and the slides from my talk.

Thanks again for coming out and feel free to contact me with questions.

Slides and Demos

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Stripes 1.4 for Windows Phone

by jason11. January 2011 17:30

    Version 1.4 was just released to the Marketplace. It brings the following updates:

    • Improved Barcode detection from photos
    • Improved search results for products
    • Improved QR Code support (including Contacts and Map Locations)
    • Ability to save photos to the Picture Hub
    • Ability to use an existing photo from the Picture Hub
    • Better progress reporting during scans

      As always, bug reports and image detection problem reports are welcome. Please comment here or use the "Contact" link in the menu.

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      Stripes | Windows Phone

      Stripes 1.3 for Windows Phone

      by jason30. November 2010 07:17

      I uploaded the latest version of Stripes (1.3) to the Marketplace last night. This version brings a few improvements, including:

      • Searching will optionally (prompts the user) defer to the phone's built-in search facility if nothing can be found through Stripes
      • Added a "Settings" page with an option to examine images more thoroughly. This should increase the likelihood of finding a barcode in an image where the barcode doesn't fill a majority of the frame.
      • Fixed a potential detection bug that may have kept some barcode types from being discovered in images
      • Added better support for UPC-E barcodes (the shorter version found on some food products, like soda cans)
      • Added additional QRCode functionality and 2-D / Data Matrix support (both are still a work in progress)
      • Added contact information to the bottom of the "Help" page
      • Prices for products are now sorted in ascending order

      Right now, I am constrained by the very limited camera API on all Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has promised regular updates to the platform and I am hopefull that direct camera access will become available in a future release. However, until then, a "live" barcode scanner (one in which the video from the camera is examined until a barcode is found) is impossible. Also, there is no way to modify the camera settings or save them for future use, either. Believe me when I say I am anxiously awaiting an update to this particular API. Are you listening, Microsoft?

      Let me also say "thank you" to the many people that are using Stripes. I hope it is a useful tool and will continue work to make it more useful, as the Windows Phone platform evolves. Please leave a comment here or contact me on Twitter @Centrolutions with your feedback.

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      Stripes | Windows Phone

      Windows Phone 7 Launch

      by jason11. October 2010 12:53

      Microsoft officially luanched its new smartphone brand "Windows Phone" today. While I usually don't re-blog / link-blog I do want to mark the occasion and I can't really add much to the following content:

      As a developer, I'm super excited about the new platform and have a couple of ideas in the works. However, I am a little dishearted by the fact that, at the RTM, we (developers) have no api access to the microphone, compass, the video stream from the camera, or user data files (like music and video the user loads onto the device). This is limiting, for sure. However, those things should be coming with a software update.

      I am excited to see the number of devices (10 by my count) announced today. Also, the price of most of them ($199 w/contract) seems reasonable compared to competing phones.

      Anyway, enjoy the content I linked to, above and know that I hope to post some developer content about the phone... just as soon as I can get my hands on one.

      Oh yea, there's also this: (Funny Commercial)


      Windows Phone


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