Camera Image Control 1.2

by Jason Williams3. November 2011 01:17

Just released: Camera Image Control for Visual Studio LightSwitch version 1.2.

New in this version:

  • There is now a trial version available for download from the Visual Studio Gallery.
  • You can now optionally disable the file upload and clear photo buttons by using a couple new properties on the control.

If you purchased the control, you can log in at and re-download the extension file from the "My Account" > "Downloadable Products" section.



Beta Testers for the “Camera Image Control for LightSwitch” Extension

by jason28. August 2011 10:36

I’m looking for several people to help me beta-test a LightSwitch extension. The extension allows you to capture an image from your webcam and save it directly to a screen in LightSwitch. I’m planning to sell the extension for a small fee, but if you are one of the beta testers, you will get it for free.

If you think you can help, please use the menu on this site to contact me and I’ll get you setup with access to the extension.



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