Quick Tip: Find your Windows Phone Wifi MAC

by jason8. April 2011 12:50

I recently had to find the mac address of the Windows Phone I was using for a demo. I needed to connect to Wifi and the venue filtered connections by MAC.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

  1. Open the Phone app and dial ##634#
  2. Hit the "Call" button and a "Diagnosis" app will open
  3. In the "Diagnosis" app, dial *#1234# and a "Version" screen will be shown.
  4. There's your Wi-Fi MAC address at the bottom of the screen. Cool, eh?

By the way, I should mention, this is a "Works on my phone" type of thing. I have tested it on a Samsung Focus.

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Windows Phone

Stripes 1.4 for Windows Phone

by jason11. January 2011 17:30

    Version 1.4 was just released to the Marketplace. It brings the following updates:

    • Improved Barcode detection from photos
    • Improved search results for products
    • Improved QR Code support (including Contacts and Map Locations)
    • Ability to save photos to the Picture Hub
    • Ability to use an existing photo from the Picture Hub
    • Better progress reporting during scans

      As always, bug reports and image detection problem reports are welcome. Please comment here or use the "Contact" link in the menu.

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      Stripes | Windows Phone


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