Stripes For Windows Phone

This project has been discontinued. The Windows Phone 7 platform is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Stripes gives you quick access to the information encoded in barcodes on products, packages, and many other household items. Most barcode types are supported, including limited QR Code support. Detailed product information, including pricing, is given when a product’s barcode is scanned. Stripes keeps a history of the items you scan and allows you to pull up the search results for those items whenever and wherever you are.

Stripes was one of the first barcode readers on the Windows Phone platform. It was designed to read a barcode from a picture, "scan" the barcode, and look up the product associated with the barcode.

Later, QR Code scanning was added which included the ability to jump to websites, show locations on maps, dial phone numbers, and much more.

If you have a Windows Phone that is still running the first released version of the Windows Phone operating system (7.0), Stripes is the best barcode scanner you can buy.

If your Windows Phone has been upgraded to a later version of the Windows Phone operating system (7.1 and above), you no longer need Stripes. All of its functionality is now built right into the search feature on your phone!