Signature Controls for LightSwitch

This project is discontinued. Microsoft has discontinued the LightSwitch developer tool.

With a little work, Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch can be used on a touch screen with great success. However, some of the things a touch screen allows for aren't supported by LightSwitch, out of the box. One of those is capturing a drawing or written signature. That is where this project comes into play.

This LightSwitch extension allows a developer to easily capture a signature or drawing via input from a mouse, touchscreen, or stylus. The signature can then be stored in a standard image field (in the database) and displayed to the user.

The signature control in this extension requires absolutely no code. A LightSwitch developer simply changes the control type of an image field to "Signature Pad" and it's done! The signature control works in both desktop and web modes, so no matter what an application's requirements are, a developer can capture signatures from users.