Image Controls For LightSwitch

This project is discontinued. Microsoft has discontinued the LightSwitch developer tool.

After using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, a developer will quickly realize the limitations of the built-in image controls. One of those limitations is that there is no way to capture an image from any external source, except a file. The Image Controls for LightSwitch project was a solution to this problem.

This LightSwitch extension allows a developer to easily capture images from a webcam or a scanner, save them to the underlying data source, and display them to the application's users. The extension is extremely useful for membership databases, inventory databases, and pretty much any other application that needs on-the-spot image capture.

With LightSwitch's built-in controls, a user has to take a photo or scan, save it to the desktop, open the LightSwitch application, click the browse button, find the photo, and then finally -- save that photo to the database! How ridiculous! With this extension, users can simply open the LightSwitch application, capture a new photo or scan, and save -- all without leaving the LightSwitch application.

All of the controls in this extension require absolutely no code. Simply change the control type of your field to either the Scanner or Camera, and you're done!

Please note: Due to a limitation in Silverlight (the technology LightSwitch is built with), the Scanner control will only work in projects that have "Application Type" set to "Desktop." Also, you will only be able to scan documents when your application is running on a Microsoft Windows platform. The Scanner control is not compatible with other operating systems. The webcam control, however, will work on all platforms.